ChekOne is a powerful solution to
track and manage service activities,
employees, and contractors in real-time.

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ChekOne - How it Works

Our solution is a platform made up of a mobile data collection device, a database, business logic, web portal, and communications.

We design, develop, build, and offer the solution as one seamless platform.

The various inputs from the mobile device are transmitted via cellular communications into our database. From there, the logic is applied to produce the desired relationships that are controlled by the web portal.

Put simply, we associate who, where, what, and when; in an infinite number of ways. How those dimensions are associated and what they are called is up to you.

Lower costs & increase efficiency

with real time monitoring, detailed records,
reduced time theft and consolidation of processes.

ChekOne for Property Owners Managers

ChekOne addresses many problems faced by commercial property owners, property managers and the service companies that support them.

For the owner, risk is mitigated by having detailed records as they relate to service and safety. Being assured that the property was inspected and critical equipment has been checked or serviced helps to reduce claims and insurance costs.

For the property manager, real time insight into activity can generate efficiencies and drive cost reductions.

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